What is the age of the Earth?

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Earth our mother land which is providing us the all the resources that we need to fulfill our requirements and there is no stop to these blessings. Thanks to Almighty! I am just curious about the age of the earth along with the Sun and the Moon. How old have they grown?

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  1. Leonardo

    Earth is the most beautiful planet in the entire universe where living is possible, The major factor of life on Earth is the Sun which is the only energy sorce as per my research. Your question was about the age of the Earth, Sun and the Moon. 

    Well Earth was a part of Sun and Moon was part of Earth somehow factor and forces of nature compelled some changes and they are now stading at separate locations but still connected with each other one way or the other. 

    Age of Earth as per scientic research is 4.56 million years and  same is considered to be the age of the Sun and the Moon.  

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