What is the baggage allowance for a baby on air France?

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I want to know detail about baggage allowance for a baby on air France. Does anyone know detail about that?

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  1. Guest6137
    A baby traveling on his parents' laps benefit from an allowance of 10 kg. in addition to this, a foldable stroller can also be brought for all destinations. For long-haul flights (except to the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean), this foldable stroller (maximum size 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm) can also be accepted in the cabin, as long as ample space is available in the overhead baggage compartments. Please note: if you are traveling with your infant on your lap, you can carry 1 additional small baggage item in the cabin at no extra charge. This baggage item must weigh less than 12 kg / 26.4 lb and measure less than 55 x 25 x 35 cm / 21.6 x 9.8 x 13.7 in.

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