What is the best online source for unbiased investment information?

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What is the best online source for unbiased investment information?

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  1. Michelle Collis


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  2. Victor Strong

     Trying to sift through the vast quantities of investment related information online can be incredibly daunting. I often wonder; what advice and insider tips are serving an agenda that isn't my own? how about how much actual investment success the person writing a piece actually has? When it comes to your money, the research you do prior to an investment whether as a first time stock researcher or someone with more experience is absolutely critical as it directly impacts the results you sow. As with most things in life, the quality rather than the quantity of information you consume is the most critical element.

    I think that there are two elements to getting unbiased investment information - excellent sources and strong investment fundamentals. I know your question only deals with one side of that coin, but information without a strong base of fundamentals is not likely to serve you well in the long term. The best source I have found online for investment information and expert advice is It is a crowd sourced website that receives contributed posts, updates and strategies from actual successful investors and industry experts who are in the business of making strong investment decisions. This is a stark contrast to the collection of other websites that are created and marketed with the sellers (public companies and investment firms) and by said sellers. You can select particular investment instruments, industries or people to follow, thereby further curating your information stream. One of their best features is a daily 'Wall Street Breakfast' email that breaks down international happenings that impact markets and investment news.

    Paid subscribers have more perks than others however you need never pay a dollar to benefit greatly from this website. It will also save you from having to visit several other sites - you won't need them anymore.

    In terms of fundamentals - these rarely change over time. Stock markets rise and fall on greed and emotion however those who succeed long term have the long term in mind. Never stop reading good books and information sources. Some I strongly suggest are The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet's mentor) as well as Beating The Street by Peter Lynch. Best of luck to you!

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