What is the best thing to eat while sick

by Guest9976  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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While being sick what is the best thing to eat. i love eating but every time i'm sick i can't seem to look at any food. this makes me weaker and i usually avoid eating during sickness

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  1. Guest5937
    "Medicine", off course...

  2. Guest6545
    The best thing to eat is something warm such as chicken soup and make sure to drink plenty of liquids. Avoid oily or fattening foods as they will make you feel quesy.
  3. Guest3640
    no actually not all medicines work :|
    i usurally have some plaine toast or toast with a bit of butter.
    if your stomache keeps this down, try some plain rice.

    feel better soon :D
  4. Guest7032
    eat whaat you feel like.
    your body is telling you what it needs.
    listen to it.
    eat what you crave.
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