Best treatment for yeast infections

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I am a medical student and have just started my M.B.B.S. If I go on to become a doctor, I would be the first and perhaps the only one in my whole family. For some reasons, most people in my family are not that much educated so I am looked upon with great respect an honour all around. Although I am just a student but people call me a doctor and often ask about treatments for certain diseases. I usually avoid giving suggestions being only a student but would appreciate if anyone could tell me the best treatment for yeast infections since most people in my village often have them.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Yeast is actually formed within human body so treating yeast infections is not a big issue unless something is seriously wrong with the body’s immune system. It can be found in the v****a, r****m, digestive system and mouth and if the amount gets excessive can cause itching and a burning sensation. The yeast infections can be treated by applying some yogurt both internally and externally. Besides, if you use garlic it is a big enemy of yeast and one of the most effective home remedies for instant relief from yeast infections.

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