What is the concession for goods sent as a gift in Australia?

by Guest9572  |  11 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I need to know about the concession that is applied on gift items imported in Australia. Answers please.

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  1. Guest5779
    In Australia, there is no longer a concession for goods sent as a gift. The ‘gift concession’ (by-law number 9740019) was revoked on and from 1 October 2008, after the low value goods threshold was increased to Australian dollar: $1,000.
    Goods that are gifted, donated, loaned or supplied free of charge are still subject to assessment for duty and other taxes and charges if they have a value of more than A$1,000 or if the goods are tobacco and/or alcohol products.  If you are unable to provide evidence of the value of the goods, the legislation provides other ways of determining value.

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