What is the current most popular television show?

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What is the current most popular television show?

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  1. Kuljit Grewal
    Believe it or not, the most popular television show based on viewership in the most valuable television market in the world (North America) is NFL Sunday Night Football. The NFL has become a league that is so big and popular in America and to a larger extent North America that it tops Nielsens's television rankings of the top shows by total viewership (21.5 million). This is followed by The Big Bang Theory (20 million) and then suprisingly by NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles (19.8 million and 16 million respectively).  TOP 10 BY TOTAL VIEWERS
    NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC (21.5 million)
    The Big Bang Theory, CBS (20 million)
    NCIS, CBS (19.8 million)
    NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS (16 million)
    Dancing With the Stars, ABC (15.2 million)
    The Blacklist, NBC (15 million)
    The OT, FOX (14.8 million)
    The Voice (Monday), NBC (14.6 million)
    Person of Interest, CBS (14 million)
    The Voice (Tuesday), NBC (13.9 million)

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