What is the difference between Computer and type writer?

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What is the difference between Computer and type writer?

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  1. Guest3024

     There are too many differences in between these two in-facts they are totally different things. Type writer is a part of computer and computer is very much complicated than type writer. 

    There is no sort of screen in type writer you just need to roll a page into the type writer and then as you hit any key same time it is printed onto the page key to key. But in computer if you are typing anything you can first write down your document then you and have a spell check or grammar check before having the print with the help of printer attached. So Computer is very much advanced innovation and type writer is an old age machine.  

    So I think these two are not comparable especially with each other because type writer is only designed to type where as a computer can perform many other functions as well. Like you can control other things with your computer through programming, you can watch movies through different modes which can be through internet, CD drive, DVD drive or any other source. There is no comparison of these two things. 

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