What is the difference between Google and Yahoo Webmaster tools?

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Hi. I want to know how Google and Yahoo Webmaster Tools differentiate with each other. Is there anyone who can explain this to me?

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    Google and Yahoo are major search engines in the world. 70% people are using Google for searches and other stuff and other searches engines takes only 30 queries as compared to Google.

    There is a big difference in Google and Yahoo algorithms this is main reason that Google and Yahoo webmaster tools have difference between them.

    Google webmaster tool have its own guidelines as compared to Yahoo webmaster tool.Below is the given features of Google and Yahoo webmaster tools.

    Google Webmaster Tool:

    Diagnostic tools are tell you about any faults that Google has found on its normal or on its mobile crawling sessions like HTTP errors, Not found, URLs not followed, URLs restricted by robots. txt, URLs time out and Unreachable URLs.

    The top search queries report describes you how people are arriving in your site from a Google Search.

    The crawl stats report is less about real crawling stats, and more about Page Rank values.

    The index stats are nothing more a shortcut to advanced Google queries on your site using operators.

    Subscriber Stats related to your subscribers through RSS feed burner.

    The link reports in Webmaster Tools are restricted, but do supply you with methods to evaluate internal and external link popularity.

    Google Sitemaps are what the entire Webmaster Tools were firstly built around. Here you can upload and handle XML based sitemap files that list all of the pages on your site.

    Yahoo Webmaster Tool:

    Which of your sites pages have been crawled by Yahoo! Search.

    And how many links of your website have crawled by Yahoo! Search.

    Handling feeds that you have submitted.

    Erasing URLs from the search index.

    Power to see the number of views and clicks on the Yahoo! Search result.

    Seeing when your site was last crawled and if any crawling faults were covered.

  2. Guest6979
    Google Webmaster Tools is a no charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites
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