What is the difference between black dating and white dating

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What is the difference between black dating and white dating

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  1. Sleeping Lion

    The differences are traumatic expieriences and self-esteem. disreguard color.

  2. Victor Strong

     The only difference between white dating and black dating has to do with the person you are dating's skin colour, meaning that in essence there is very very little that is different. Although many black people in America and Canada can trace their heritage to the Carribbean islands, there are also many that come from Africa and other parts of the world. This means that their cultures, foods and beliefs/faith may differ from yours, or from one another's for that matter.

    This however is also the case with white dating. A white person from England will have very different cultural quirks, beliefs and traditions that one from Russia or one from Italy. We are all part of the human race and should focus on what a person does than what a person looks like.

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