What is the easiest way to paint shirts?

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I am seraching for the query for what is the easiest way to paint shirts? Please help me.

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     Paint your own tops to make a customized and personalized look. Use your fantasy to conceive concepts that you can replicate with a stencil. It's lower to conceive your own elaborately conceived tops with a couple of art provision than it is to purchase them. So, get your children and associates engaged and decorate your own exclusive shirts.

    • Draw a design up on a part of paper with the pencil. The design can be as comprehensive as you like, but large forms are simpler to paint.

    • Cut out the conceive parts to be painted. For demonstration, if the conceive is your title, slash out the notes along the lines you have drawn.

    • Iron the top you are decorating and lay it on a flat surface. Place a part of slim packing material interior the top to hold the design from bleeding through. Place the stencil on peak of the top and protected it in location with masking tape.

    • Paint the top by applying fabric design to the stencil. Begin with the lightest hue first, and delay for it to dry before utilising a darker color. Use a hairdryer to pace up the drying process. Don't eliminate the stencil until all of the design is absolutely dry, eliminating it while the design is damp may origin it to smudge.

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