What is the meaning of company logo?

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I do not know anything about company logo, can you tell me about it. I have no idea what the real theme and idea behind this company logo thing. I need to know some solid reason why companies prefer to make logos. Please tell me as soon as possible. I hope you can understand the state of my question.


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    At the level of mass communication or simply in the high street a companys logo is today often synonymous with its trademark or brand.

    In easy words, a logo is a graphic assess or emblem routinely utilized by financial enterprises, associations and even persons to help and encourage instant public recognition. Logos are either solely graphic) or are created of the title of the association (a logotype or wordmark).

    For understanding it more clearly, there are various examples around us for a reference lets look at the blue octagon comprising Chase Bank, while an demonstration of a representational assess is the everyman icon of PBS. Examples of well-known logotypes are the with stripes IBM conceive, Mobil in writing in azure with a red "o" and CocaCola in writing in raging torrent red script.

    You know, every company has its unique log and a specified meaning. All logos are strictly based on some useful meaning which further explains the ideology of the company.

    I hope I have answered your question very well. Still need to know something more, then do consult with me here. I would love to answer you.



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