What is the measurment for a 13 yr old female model ?

by Ellieflanagan05  |  11 years ago

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What is the measurment for a 13 yr old female model ?

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  1. Victor Strong

      The answer to this question depends greatly on the type of modeling you are looking to do. Higher end fashion will require a more physically mature look while other type of advertising related work may favour those with a more youthful look.

    If you are trying to benefit from the latter you do not necessary need to meet any specific measurements so long as you have an agreeable look and fit the bill. For higher end fashion work you will have to be tall (5'8"-6'0"). The good example of a tall model of that age is Tanya Dziahileva, who measures 34-25-35 (US). If you are serious and plan on applying to agencies ask them what they look for in the age group and what you have to offer. Best of luck.

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