What is the most talented family in sports history?

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What is the most talented family in sports history?

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     I would have to say that in terms of excellence at their craft as well as accolades and accomplishments, the Mannings - the first family of quarterback (American Football) are the most talented family in sports history. Archie, the father was a two time Pro-Bowl quarterback who was drafted second overall in the 1971 NFL draft. He raised two sons, Peyton and Eli who were respectively drafted first overall in different years and have gone on to win Superbowls each (2 for Eli and 1 for Peyton). Peyton is arguably a top 5 quarterback of all-time and a sure fire NFL Hall of Fame selection, while Eli has shown an ability to raise his game when it matters most and is one of very few multi-championship winning quarterbacks of all time. He is likely to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame as well. 

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