What is the name of Cholera vaccine?

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Please tell me the name of vaccine which is used for treating Cholera.

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  1. Daniel Phil

    Well there’re basically two main vaccines for Cholera, i.e. Shanchol and mORC-VAX which are composed of killed V. But these are for protection of children of only about two years. Both vaccines are given in two doses, about one to six weeks apart. As long as the availability is concerned, these are limited and their recommended use is for people going dealing with areas with outbreaks.

    Cholera is almost wiped out from developed countries and so you might not need treatments. But yes, if you’re in area with Cholera outbreak, you can avoid cholera by hand washing, avoiding areas and people with cholera, drinking treated water or similar safe fluids and eating cleaned and well-cooked food.


  2. Guest3603
    There are lot of vaccine now availble in the market but most of them are named same. Cholera Vaccine, USP is a sterile suspension of equal parts of Ogawa and Inaba serotypes of killed Vibrio cholerae.
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