What is the procedure for online cancellation and Air India ticket refund?

by Guest2121  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I have reserved a seat of Air India online but cannot go on the due date of my flight. Can someone tell me what is the procedure for online cancellation and Air India ticket refund?

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  1. Guest6398
    For all bookings made online on our website , prior to 27th February 2011 please contact your local Air India reservations office for changes to your booking or please send an email to You can advise by email, if you want the payment to be retained for later use or to be refunded after debiting the applicable charges as per the applicable refund rules. Please check the refund rules at the time of making the reservation as certain discounted fares are non refundable. An online refund will be processed and the balance amount will be credited back to the credit card account within 7 working days. For domestic online bookings made after 27th February 2011, please visit the “My Booking” section on the website, where you will be permitted to cancel your booking.

  2. Guest8935

    how can i get the confirmation mail after refund has been done

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