What is the the coolest thing to debut at CES 2015?

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What is the the coolest thing to debut at CES 2015?

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  1. Victor Strong

     The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is basically a gadget lover's wet dream. It is without question the world's foremost show to debut the latest and greatest gadgets and technologies that will be sold to the masses in the near future. Every year there are items that draw attention and hype due to how silly they seem to be or from the genuine excitement they create among the thousands of annual attendees.

    This year's show failed to disappoint. Among some of the coolest things I saw were ACTON's RocketSkates. Boasting two wheels powered by two motors per skate, these motorized footwear are capable of reaching a top speed of 16 km/hr and provide a range of 16km. You will also be able to track details of your route thanks to an accompanying mobile app. How practical are these skates you ask? As practical as they have to be to justify spending $499.99 on them.

    For a quick preview of what these bad boys look like in action, take a look at the link below.

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