What is violet school web page address?

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I need the official violet school web page address. Can you tell me about the violet school web page address? Someone please give it to me if you have it.

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    Violet School is located on grounds similar to those in Chitlapakkam, Chennai and located in a beautiful spacious place at Subramaniyam Palayam, Coimbatore. The aim of school is training the children to face challenges in their career and goals. At Violet School, education is a partnership so that parents and school work closely together to make sure that our young people are able to become confident, compassionate and above all capable citizens of 21st century.

    The Voilet school is proud of achievements of our past and with our present students. Progressive and innovative, our School offers an outstanding academic program me but it also offers an exciting curriculum both in and beyond that specific classroom that ensures that the education of the whole person and the development of a confident achievers of the future.

    Violet Lane Infant School is much more larger than average. The majority of pupils consist of White British origin. Few pupils are eligible for the free school meals. The proportion of pupils alongwith learning difficulties which ares below the national average. The school has gained full Friendly Status and also an permanent Eco-School Status.

    Coimbatore 641 029

    There are many sites from where you can get the information about the Voilet School, and its activites and the programs that they are teaching, some of these sites are given below.


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