What is your personal view on ‘street art’?

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Some people feel that graffiti or ‘street art’ is a valid form of artistic expression. They believe that ‘street art’ merits the same respect as traditional forms of art such as sculpture, canvas painting, or drawing. On the other hand, others feel that graffiti or ‘street art’ is a form of vandalism and defaces a community. They feel that those who paint graffiti should be arrested and forced to pay for the damage.

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  1. Victor Strong

     I have seen some absolutely incredible/stunning street art in person and online. I encourage any of you who have a Pinterest account to search street art on the incredible pin board website. There is work there that cannot be called anything other than incredible and beatiful art of the highest degree. Art is the expression of a persons creativity and expression a true exhibit of what is inside them. From what I see there is nothing but expression in high level street art.

    The issue that people may have with some street art is that the bad, vulgar, non-sensical and defamatory stuff is pretty much nothing but ugly. I can understand and sympathise with that as I think its terrible as well. However I think that would qualify as graffiti and lacks in the actual art that is part of the street art moniker.

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