What items are not permitted on Lufthansa?

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I want to know the amount of baggage which we can carry along on Lufthansa. Can someone tell me that what items are not permitted on Lufthansa?

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  1. Guest731
    Lufthansa transports a certain amount of checked in baggage (free baggage allowance) and hand baggage free of charge. These amounts may vary depending on the route, booking class, Miles & More status etc. You will find more back-ground information on our Free baggage allowance and Carry-on baggage pages. All valuables such as your laptop, mobile phone, PDA, documents, identity papers, jewellery etc., should be carried in your Hand baggage. Please note that we will carry items of baggage that exceed the permitted limits for hand luggage in the cargo hold, as the stowage space in the cabin is limited. In this case please remove all valuables and any medicines from your hand luggage.

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