What items are not permitted on United Airline flight as carry on?

by Guest9827  |  12 years, 8 month(s) ago

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I heard that some goods are not permitted to bring on the United Airline flight as carry on. Can you tell me the list of those items.

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  1. Guest8874
    Some of the items that are not permitted as carry on for United Airline flight are as follows     * Lighters
        * Lighter fluid
        * Acid
        * Explosives
        * Flammable solids/liquids
        * Oxidizing materials
        * Corrosive materials
        * Compressed gases
        * Poisons
        * Etiologic agents
        * Radioactive materials
        * Irritating or incapacitating sprays
        * Mercury
        * Noxious materials
        * Briefcases and attach√© cases with installed alarm devices

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