What kind of services does the Australian Photography Association has to offer?

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I am a photographer in Australia and I tend to know about the services of Australian Photography Association beneficial for me. Please detail.

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  1. Guest2803
    The Australian Photography Association is a national, independent not for profit organization dedicated to fostering professionalism and excellence in all aspects of photography in Australia.  The Australian Photography Association offers members a vast range of services including access to:
    • Competitions
    • Educational Services
    • Seminars, workshops and training courses through our partnership with the Australian Photography Institute.
    • Mentoring programs
    • Exhibition opportunities
    • Website development
    • Marketing
    • Event & Exhibition Planning
    • Photography advice for all levels of photography
    • A community where all photographers can converse with each other to improve their skills.
    • Travel with other photographers on specialized photo tours all around Australia.
    • Members also have the opportunity to become an accredited APA photographer.

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