What role has Australia played in the international affairs in the post-war period?

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australias acheivements in its role within the UN??

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  1. Guest2817
    Australia did many things post-ww2, Including, but not in any way limited to:
    Helping form the United nations, and being one of the first countries to adopt many of it's conventions, Helping the economies of many south-east-asian countries through it's economic treaties: APEC and the Colombo plan, Maintaining military ties via ANZUS, and later, SEATO.

    So, many, many things.

    Based on the timeframe of this, i'd say you're doing this for a year 10 assesment task, as I am.

    -A, BPHS

  2. Guest5008
    omg yes lol a year 10 in class essay :) im doing it tomoz and were allowed like one a4 piece of paper of notes

    thanks for helping me A, BPHS
  3. Guest9817
    Same guyz, Yr10 History In-class Assessment, allowed to bring in one A4 sheet of notes...

    Ty, bro!

    --- 3K9 ---
  4. Guest5837
    Year Ten assesment task. Retro active helps .
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