What services are available at Askari bank's call centre?

by Guest6100  |  12 years, 6 month(s) ago

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I and my friend were reading an article yesterday regarding Askari bank. They mentioned that they are offering call centre services to its customers. I want to know What services are available at Askari bank's call centre?

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  1. Guest8870
    Following are the services available at Askari bank's Call Center:                                     1. Accounts or Cards that the customers choose themselves.                                           2. Balance Inquiries, Account Statements (read out and fax), Complaint Handling for all sorts of complaints related to the bank.                       3. Funds transfer from one account to the other.                                                                 4. Utility Bill payments for all utility companies listed with the Bank.                                             5. Cheque statuses and the facility to block or cancel a card (Debit or Pre-Paid) at any time; to name a few.

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