What should I do for a 42" Dynex tv that has a totally green screen?

by Guest6274  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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2 years old, it's totally green.

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  1. Guest9171
    First check all componeNt wires in back and  make sure that they are connected properly and if that is not than try re-seting your colour scheme through your remote which is usually under the menu under picture or colour and if that is it could be your bulb is going bad but try the first two soloutions and than rest of ones!

  2. Guest4895

     Just had it happen to mine too.  I unplugged it from the cable box and plugged it back in.  It works fine now.

  3. Guest428

    I, too, had the green screen. I unplugged the tv connection to the cable box, left off for a few minutes, then plugged back in. It worked! I was so surprised. I was certain we were going to have to get rid of our 1 yr 3 mo old TV. Hope the greens screen stays away forever...right?

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