What should I do on my 16th birthday?

by Guest5929  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I have a few close freinds who will be coming but I can't decide where to have it. It is in  few weeks and I was thinking possibly packing up in a car and taking  road trip to see where we end up. But I dont think it will go over well, any help is needed. Oh and nothing to expensive please.

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  1. Guest9425

    OK take few friends of yours with you as you have decided to to have a road trip its absolutely perfect thing to do, just to add a bit of more entertainment in it you can take good music stuff along with and have a dance party of your own at some remote place.

    The place where no one can see you, and there should not be any one whom you can see go on and enjoy the day.

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