What should I do to keep my budget down

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What should I do to keep my budget down




  1. Victor Strong

     This is a fantastic question that people of all ages and financial situations should consider at some point or another unless you are some type of world ranking billionaire. Budgeting comes down  to determining and distinguishing between the things you need to buy or spend on and the things that are merely wants. 

    Once this has been determined, one must go about figuring out how to acquire what one needs as cost effectively as possible without cheating, stealing or doing anything else that is unethical or illegal. Things one needs includes basic food, shelter, basic clothing and transportation as it perains to getting to where you need to go. 

    Wants include things like luxury goods, expensive trips and the like. Although these are great and well deserved, those who need money for other things and have limited funds should focus on their needs and save for their wants when they can. Wants are also expensive variants of needs. What this means is that purchasing a Mercedes because you need a car may not be the best finanancial decision. Also, eating at restaurants does not qualify as needs based food consumption. We don't need steak everyday. 

    Next, finding deals for larger purchases during off-seasons as well as daily purchases with coupons and discounts can be very helpful to saving and living well on a restricted budget. 

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