What the Punjab law minister said about Raymond Davis release?

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Raymond David was in the jail of Punjab named lakhpat jail. After the Raymond Davis release what did the Punjab law minister said about his release.

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    Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday said the acquittal of US  civilian  Raymond Davis by the court was  as  asserted  by   regulation,  as the heirs of Faizan and Faheem  utilized  their right of pardon under Shariah as well as the  regulation  of land. “Our  regulation  and Shariah  supply  the right of pardon under ‘Diyyat’ to the heirs”, the Punjab Law Minister  notified  a  personal   TV   conduit  on Wednesday night.
    He said 19 heirs of the slained youth encompassing 11 heirs from the family of Faizan and 9 from the family of Faheem emerged before the court in Lahore on Wednesday and pardoned Raymond Davis.
    The Minister said, the court inquired the 19 heirs individually and one by one, as if they had pardoned the murdered under any force, supplementing, after the heirs pardoned the murdered, the court acquitted Raymond Davis.
    Rana Sanaullah said the prison administration issued Raymond David after obtaining the court judgement.
    To a inquiry, the Punjab Law Minister said the heirs obtained Rs 200 million as ‘Diyyat’ for forgiving  Raymond Davis.
    Rana Sanaullah said, the entire territory was agreed in the outlook that they would accept the court decision in this case, supplementing, the court has granted its decision as per the yearn of heirs.
    To a inquiry, the Punjab Law Minister acquiesced that the conclusion was contrary to public sentiments, supplementing, but the enclosures have to pursue regulation for  their decisions.

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