What to do after btech in IT - M.Tech or MBA

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Although I am more interested in doing M.Tech..Still I want to know what are the future prospects after these degrees,and when and how to start preparation for these??

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    In the field of Technology B.Tech is a bachelor level course, and it is important because one cannot take the final qualification degree without passing it. It is one of good degree in the technology especially in the present time when the market is overhead with competition all around. In the current situation, there are many applicants than the number of job available, and hence it is very important for everyone to be specialized in their respective field. As far as B.Tech degree course is related, it does provide specialization, but not of that higher level as offered by MBA or M.Tech. It is like an invisible requirement that one needs to do MBA or M.Tech in order to progress more in this field.

    Both the course (MBA or M.Tech) gives various specializations, but both provide specialization in separate fields. If you are more interested in engineering field and want to adopt this trade for your profession with engineering projects, then without delay one should go for M.Tech. After this one can start his career as engineer, additionally it will give you  help in getting a better rank and post in the same line in which they were working or wanted to work .

    However, if one is more interested in working in the management aspect of companies rather than engineering line, one should go for the MBA degree. MBA will enable you to work from the management side where they can manage the resources for the benefits of different aspects of the business.


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