What to do to not ruin a friendships?

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What to do to not ruin a friendships?  I am a 19 year old Julie  with a very active internet life. I met lots of people online, my real world friends along with others who I have never met.  I spend lots of times online and know what most of my real and virtual friends are going through, at least what the reveal online.  From all my life’s friendships I have manage to do one thing consistently and that is to offend them sooner or later.  This is not just recent but this is true all aloing.  

I'm diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and it is very hard for me to gain friendships but what is not hard is the fact that I ruin every single one of these friendships with passing of time.

I want to change, I want friendships for life, I want to be able to count on people and I want to be loved.  I am afraid I will end up all alone somewhere with no one to care for or worst no life partner.  

Am I alone in messing up all my relationships or there are others who manage to do the same.  

For example I met someone who is really nice and things were going fine for a while until I have no clue what happened and he no longer responds as he did in the past.  I know it is not his fault and I have broken friendships since I was born, please help I want to be able to change.

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