What to do when you get the the url is not valid and cannot be loaded error?

by Guest1031  |  10 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I have been getting this error message on the explorer for a valid URL address and I do not know what to do. Please help.

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    If you are getting error message on the explorer and your page cannot be loaded then you can follow these 3 simple steps to resolve problem:

    1. Started Installed them back

    2. Disabled All Add-Ons

    3. Uninstalled ALL Add-Ons

    There are some reasons that might be cause of this problem are given below:

    Internet connectivity has been missed.

    The website is temporarily not available.

    The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not approachable.

    The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a list for the website's domain.

    There could be a typing mistake in the address.

    The SSL and TLS communications protocol are enabled.

  2. Guest483
    Disable all the Addon Extensions restart your browser, If problem exists the reinstall browser.
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