What to wear on my first day in 7th grade?????????/!!!

by Guest9070  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I was wonderin what should i wear to my first day of school
i was thinkin about a black tshirt -with a jeans vest-skinny jeans-puma shoes-purple or orange heelys
Help me out makeup
some blush




  1. Kimber Paul
    skinny jeans , and maybe a cute tank top and cardigan to soften them up instead of a black t shirt. With cute flats, nothing too fancy, or too casual.
    whatever you do with your makeup, dont do too much , seeing as your only in the 7th grade i would just wear mascara and some lipsgloss to look naturally pretty

    good luck :)

  2. Guest6956
    i was thinking pink shorts and a blue zebra tank some black converse and eye liner and mascara and a tiny lipgloss or some skinny jeans and a navy blue tube with a light blue shirt with black flats
  3. Guest6485
    Well... NEVER wear sneakers like that with skinney jeans... maybe low converse..... but ballet flats are deffentily "in"  righ now and would look soooo great.  Now get dark wash skinneys they always look better or grey skinneys ... but light wash wash you out and may even make your legs look... fat! lol they did me and Im not even fat but maybe its just me... be safe go with medium to dark wash..... Now for the shirt thats an OK idea.... but Im gonna wear a nice white lace cami and a black cardigan they have them at H&M for only 19.99! A nice cardigan in "in" now to.  Or maybe a nice plaid shirt would look great too.  Or I got this really cutte shirt from aberombie thats like a shirt but kinda like a really short dress and is sinched in the middle which is really cute and so was the price $16! Well I hope I helped you out.... & with your pumas just wear some nice dark or medium wash bootcut jeans and a graphic tee.... deffintly!  Ok I am so in to fashion right now so yeah oh im in 8th grade so i know what im talking about lol good luck 7th grade was a blast untill like the last day of school drama drama lol good luck ... again haha :D
  4. Guest8389
    humm i would were for the first day of 7th gread would be cute nee shorts a orange tanktop and a dark blue areopostle shirt wight flipflops
  5. Guest2240
    i am right there with you! idk either!
  6. Guest1928
    im going into 7 grade too and im wearing my softball shorts and low converse and a blue checkered tanktop with mascara and lipgloss school starts in about a week you better get going.
  7. Guest4824
    i did this and i got my frist boyfriend!!!---wear a tanktop(black),a flecce vest(pink),black skinny jeans and vans------makeup=lots ans lots and lots(cuz im a s**t so have cleavage and tight and see thourgh
  8. Guest8618

    Im going into 7th grade too!! You should wear some holly skinny jeans, black cami,aeropostale tee, some black ballet flats, and a pretty hair piece. On the make up, I think you should use black eye liner,but not too much because it'll look wierd, put some white eye shadow under the eye brow, and put light pink eye shadow, then put some clear mascara on so it'll make your eyes POP without letting people know your wearing mascara.  Then, put liquid foundation over freckles and on nose, then add just a tad of blush on your cheeks. Hope you enjoy..Have a good first day of  7th grade.

  9. Guest1817

    I would wear a dark blue tank top a white abercrombie/hollister/aeropostale t-shirt and some blue shorts. Also wear some blue zebra converse. Best of luck!

  10. Guest1917

    ooooooooooo heres an idea white shorts with a dark blue justice tank top. some black flip flops or maybe blue zebra converse. wear some mascara and or lipgloss if not you dont have to a girl looks amazing without makeup too. hope that will help you!

  11. Guest2954

    Wrong Wrong Wrong and Wrong!!!!!!!!!! Im wearing light curveys and an AmericanEagal shirt tht is a dark blue and light blue paint splatters with a white butterfly with a black camy underneath!!!!! And im waering silver sparkly bobs!!!!!!!!!!! Also im wearing a sliver neckalace and a pearled bracelet!!!!! i will wear a little makeup foundation and clear mascara and ligh grey eyeshadow and blush and a little but of lipgloss to top it off!!!!!!!! Its a good idea hope ive helped u some have a gr8 7th grade year i hope we both do:)

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