What travel classes are offered by Air France?

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Air France is offering quality services to their customers. Can someone tell me detail about travel classes are offered by Air France?

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  1. Guest8627
    On intercontinental flights, Air France offers 4 classes.
    La Première: exclusive and tailored services to make your trip a unique experience.
    Affaires: flexible booking, onboard comfort, and priority boarding for peaceful travel.
    Premium Voyageur: spacious seating and privileged services at a price suited to your professional and personal travel.
    Voyageur: complete Air France service at the best price.
    For your trips to the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, the Alizé class offers peace and relaxation.
    Within Europe, discover the new Air France travel classes.
    Voyageur: essential Air France services at attractive prices.
    Premium: ideal for your professional travel at the best price.
    Choose the Premium Eco offer if you are looking for flexible, efficient travel at an affordable price. For even more comfort and privacy, choose the Premium Affaires offer and travel with more space in the first rows of the Premium cabin.

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