Type of careers after military.

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I am serving as a Group Captain and joined Air Force back in the early 80s. Although I am confident of getting promoted as the Air Commodore but I do not have much attraction left in Air Force since I have been grounded. Kindly tell me about some good careers after military I can look for myself.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Even if you have retired from the military services, there are some other career paths open for you. There are many fields in which the retired military officers are preferred over the civilians even if they do not have required degree or certification in that particular field. This is one main reason that most organizations around the world have appointed retired or ex-military officers on some good posts. The ex-military officers are looked upon as not only experienced but well-organized and disciplined individuals.  Given below are some careers that you can join after you career in military.

    • Administrators

    • Instructors/ Teachers/Lecturers

    • Security Officers/ Managers

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