What type of online business will work best in Pakistan?

by Guest9027  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I have just graduated and want to set up internet based business here in Pakistan. I am looking for different ideas. Please tell what type of online business will work best in Pakistan?

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  1. Guest6580

    In Pakistan online medium is gaining alot of popularity among the masses, and now people prefer online medium over the traditional means of communication. Pakistani's are now aware of the multiple uses of online medium, as it is not just a source of information, but one can even  generate money through it. You can take inspiration from eBay, and can set up an eBay style online business, where people can buy and sell Pakistani items or anything  on cheap rates. Many of my friends use eBay for buying gadgets and other tech stuff, but including the shipment charges, price of cheap items increases manifolds. If they are provided with an alternate source, that offers more discount excluding shipment charges, they would be happy to part ways with ebay.

  2. Guest8723

    Good suggestions by Mitchel...  I'd recommend starting some entertainment based website to provide people with fun... Ads can be a good revenue model for such a site......

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