What were the Contributions of Dr Abdus Salam in the field of physics?

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My uncle wants to know, What were the Contributions of Dr Abdus Salam in the field of physics?

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    Salam's primary focus was research on the physics of elementary particles. His particular contributions included:
    two-component neutrino theory and the prediction of the inevitable parity violation in weak interaction;
    gauge unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions, the unified force is called the "Electroweak" force, a name given to it by Salam, and which forms the basis of the Standard Model in particle physics;
    predicted existence of weak neutral currents and W particles and Z particles before their experimental discovery,
    symmetry properties of elementary particles; unitary symmetry;
    renormalization of meson theories;
    gravity theory and its role in particle physics; two tensor theory of gravity and strong interaction physics;
    unification of electroweak with strong nuclear forces, grand unification theory;
    related prediction of proton-decay;
    Pati-Salam model, a grand unification theory;
    Super symmetry theory, in particular formulation of Superspace and formalism of super fields in 1974;
    the theory of super manifolds, as a geometrical framework for understanding super symmetry, in 1974;
    Super geometry, the geometric basis for super symmetry, in 1974;
    application of the Higgs mechanism to the electroweak symmetry breaking;
    prediction of the magnetic photon in 1966;

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