What will the Lexus LF concept be launched in market?

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I have heard about Lexus LF concept car, what will be the features of this car, how the new Lexus LF will be different from the current model?

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    There are some official images that were released about the new Lexus LF-GH concept, which was a preview of Lexus. Although there may be some similarities between Lexus next Grand Touring Sedan and Corporate Design language that may look alike. The next generation Lexus GS sedan is expected to launch for the 2013 model year and also showcases a number of design features that come across the Lexus lineups in the coming years. Most notable feature is Spindle shaped grill that dominates the front fascia, which is now flanked by full LED headlights with LED running lights. The rest of the design particularly its character line, roofline and proportions, it heavily borrows this design from Lexus flagship LS range.

    Lexus also says that the interior will be designed and engineered cabin by using some of the highest quality materials. It has reexamined every detail of the interior, with the aim of making the driver-focused. Although there are more details which are yet to be received about Lexus LF-GH Concept car but we know that it will be powered by some version of Toyota/ Lexus drive system, that is sending the power to the rear wheels. There will be more details on the Lexus LF-GH concept to get close to official debut at the 2011 New York auto show next week. Lexus has also released videos of LF-GH.

     Lexus LF concept

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