What would be Mohammad Amir fate if he was from india instead of pakistan

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What would be Mohammad Amir fate if he was from india instead of pakistan?  Mohammad Amir one of the best young bowler in the world who was also the youngest to reach 50 wicket in test cricket was charged for spot fixing, alleged spot fixing basically for throwing no balls for money.

It is predicted he is going to be banned for life. Question is, if Mohammad Amir was part of BCCI the worlds most powerful cricket board of india, instead of being from Pakistan where the PCB is represented by People like BUTT, would ICC concluded a different verdict?

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  1. Guest3295

     Yes there would have been total change scenario for him if he would have been from India. Haroon Lorgat would have given his own daughter to him as well. They planned all this to put him out form the international cricket so that India can win this world cup otherwise they could have never beaten Pakistan if Amir was playing in the Pakistani side.

  2. Guest5703

    This was a whole plot started back in December 2008 when India accused Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. It was India's first step towards the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore in March 2009 as they wanted to show the world that India is itself a victim of terrorism. When nothing worked out for them to damage Pakistan Cricket, they targeted some main players of Pakistan Cricket who were proving to be a threat to the other team with ICC World Cup 2011 just few months away. Neverhtless, Pakistani Cricket Team continued to survive and made it to the world cup 2011 semi-final beating big guns like Sri Lanka and Australia. That was the time when Indian P.M went for "AMAN KA CHAKKA" by requesting the Pakistani P.M to ask Pakistani Team to deliberatley perform bad. It was clear because the Pakistani batsman did not take the power play in the crucial overs. For more details, do see the 30 facts on the website FACTS BEHIND INDIA WINNING WORLD CUP 2011. 

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