What would be a reason for a hot women to be a single women

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What would be a reason for a hot women to be a single women

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     To be completely honest, it can be shocking when we discover that an absolute knockout we just met is completely and totally single. There are several reasons why it can be that someone that appears to have it all physically can not have any dating prospects in hot pursuit. Some reasonable answers include:

    Crappy personality - This does not necessarily mean someone who speaks in a monotone and hasn't laughed since Friends was on TV. This could be a very demanding or rude person or maybe someone that is just plain mean. A beautiful apple that is too rotten at the core won't stand the test of time.

    Standards are too high - It is completely possible that a beautiful girl simply expects too much in a man, expecting someone who can match their own self-perceived worth (or those who have a strong bias). Looking for flaws to check off a list make looking for negative features to end up with negative results.

    Just too intimidating - My favourite option. Although some dudes think their confidence could have them approach Bar Rafaeli, it is possible that some women are such a combination of natural beauty, athetlicism and occupational excellence that men need to be king makers to have shot. These women may have wonderful personalities, but their high watermark could make dating the right guy a hard task.

    Mr. Right TBD - Sometimes we remain single in order to be available for the right person to come along. A poor past relationship that has one jaded or simply having fun and focusing on a career can make being single to best alternative. Once the right person comes along though, life can change for the better.

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