What's Lee Westwood won now?

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The 36-year-old world No. 4's had a great 2009 already -

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  1. amomipais82
    We'd like to welcome Lee Westwood to the interview room here at the Chevron Challenge. Thanks for joining us for a few minutes. Of the eight events you teed it up on the PGA TOUR this year, I guess it was three top-10s and they all kind of came right towards the end of the season, and then obviously the Dubai, congratulations there. If you could just talk a little bit about the last part of your season, what really kind of kicked in and connected for you? And then I think you were quoted after you won Dubai, you teared up and said this was pretty much the most special moment of your career. If you could just elaborate on that a little bit, as well.

    LEE WESTWOOD: Well, start with the year, really. I've had obviously a very good year, winning the Money List in Europe. I didn't start off that quickly, although over here I felt like I played well in Houston and I felt like I played well at the Masters. I finished just about as dodgy as you can finish at Augusta in April with double bogey, double bogey, double bogey, bogey finish, dropped seven shots in the last four holes there so really going from looking like maybe a top-10 to nowhere.

    And I played well at Houston the week before that. But after that, at the U.S. Open I played OK.

    Got it together the week of France, which was June, just after the U.S. Open, finished second there to Martin Kaymer, lost in a playoff, and really kicked on from that, Top 10 nearly every week other than the Omega in Switzerland and UBS in Hong Kong. I was Top 10 every week.

    Then I got my head together and managed to win two towards the end of the year in Portugal and obviously the one in Dubai, which was very under the spotlight, really, and meant so much.

    And like you said, I won the Money List in 2000, which was the most special thing I had done in my career, I guess, my career highlight, and then really fell off the golfing map a little bit with a little bit of a slump. To come back from that, not only get my form back and win more tournaments after going through that but to have the pinnacle of winning the Money List this year, almost sort of comes full circle. In 2000 I won the Money List, and I had never really had any downside to my career, so it had always just been a steady progression to winning the Money List. And then I've obviously experienced a lot more since then, and that's why I think this Money List win and the Race to Dubai makes it more special.

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