What's Love Got to Do With Success?

by Guest1634  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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What's Love Got to Do With Success? - no honestly!!

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  1. music333

    love and success has gotta lot to do with  each other

    you obviously need 2 love what ur doin 2 b successful in it.....

  2. Merlyn
    Everything! Where would we be without love? Isn't it the prime motivator, the thing that makes the world go round...what keeps us going, searching seeking, pursuing our goals and desires? Without love you cannot achieve happiness, nor success. That may seem an obvious statement. But how often do we just carry on doing what we're doing and not thinking about it...the job we hate, the house we no longer care for, the friendship that 's not nurturing, the relationship that isn't working anymore. We just carry on because it's easier. We too often, are not in love with life and what it has to offer. We go along in a state of acceptance, on autopilot, not putting any effort into life...wondering why we're not happy. When you're in love you care! You care a lot.

    What we need is to be in love. To be constantly in love with life. In love with our friends, in love with our families, in love with our lovers, our mates, ourselves... the planet, the stars, the sunsets, the changing seasons, the critters. To be in love is to appreciate everything and everyone for it's uniqueness and its particular be grateful for it. Too often we take it all for granted. I suggest for one day you look around you and take stock of what you have available to you. Then write it down in a journal as a thank you note to the 'universe' or whomever you wish to give thanks to. My life never changed so much, for the better, as when I started a gratitude journal. It was just a small little book, but I grew to love it. The more I wrote in it the more I received, the more I had to be thankful for.

    id recommend everyone to start a gratitude journal!
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