Whats better PHP or dot net?

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Whats better PHP or dot net? we are going to be redoing our site; what is better php or .net?

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  1. Guest5449
    Languages are like religion for developers...Every one says: The language in which he is using is best....But their is another thing to note that you cannot compare PHP with dot net...because Dot net is a uderlying framework for many languages and PHP is webscripting language..

    I think ur question aims the point, The Difference between PHP and ASP.NET.  In  this regard both languages have many +s...One main difference is that PHP is open source and Is Property of MICRSOFT ... You have to have License from MICROSOFT for IDE of ASP.NET which is Visual Studio....PHP uses the power of C++ in its backend..which gives more power to the PHP....U can select any Language in which u are more fluent....In todays world if one thing can be done in one language then most most probably u can doo it any language about which u feel the comfort.

    Another aspect is that ASP.NET is hosted on IIS, normally which is again MICROSOFT product..and PHP is hosted on APACHE..A product which cames under General Public License, means no FEEEEE....

  2. Molly
    how the h**l u tried to compare PHP with DOT NET
    dude offcourse dot net is million times better than php
    Grab the advance technology
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