What's your favorite? American Dad or The Simpsons

by Guest968  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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where can I watch these TV Shows?

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  1. Guest4190
    i like simpsons more than American dad though both the shows are fantastic u can watch both the shows on

  2. Guest9010
    The Simpsons is my favorite show.
  3. Guest7093
    The Simpsons is my favorite tv show.
  4. Guest6605
    I love American Dad episodes and you can watch American Dad episodes on this site..
  5. Guest119
    Simpson is my favorite tv show. You can watch Simpson show from website.
  6. Guest8344
    Hmm Simpsons is my favorite. I have been watching for a starting. It is very good animated comedy show. I like it very much. I have full collection of Simpsons episodes.
  7. Guest8526
    I like the Simpson's a lot.It's a fabulous show.
  8. Guest5681
    I always Watch The Simpsons Episodes at:-
    It's my favorite TV show ever which never bored to me.
  9. Guest702
    I like to watch American Dad..
  10. Guest1017
    I love to watch American dad episodes. this is my favorite show ever.
  11. Guest4783

      American Dad is magnificently written and there is a brilliant freshness about the way MacFarlane spoofs the current American paranoia about safety. It is one of those shows that has grown on to people. When it debuted, it occurred to me that it had the potential to become another successful prime-time cartoon series and so far, it proved me right.

    The Simpsons on the other hand is the satiric adventures of a working class family in the misfit city of Springfield. It is a show that has sustained ten years of constant humor. The stories have gradually become better and the second fiddle characters were getting more screen time which translates into a much more realized show.

    Both American Dad and The Simpsons are telecasted by the Fox Broadcasting Company which is an American television network owned byFox Entertainment Group. Both of these animated series are among T of the best adult cartoons to be ever aired on Fox. Therefore it is very hard for me to compare them with American Dad with The Simpsons.

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