When Cowboys & Aliens is expected to be released?

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Hi, I am anxiously waiting for Cowboys & Aliens, could you tell me the expected release date of the film, thanks.

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    Cowboys & Aliens is a subsequent science fiction Western film, which is themed on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name developed by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. This fabulous film is directed by Jon Favreau. It is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Brian Grazer and Ron Howard produced this. Cowboys & Aliens is scheduled to be on aired theatrically in July 29, 2011. In 1873 Arizona, a loner named Jake Lonergan (Craig) got up with no memory of his past and a concealed shackle around his wrist. He come the town of Absolution where he learns he is a sensational criminal wanted by several people, including Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Ford), who leads the town with an iron fist. But Absolution immediately faces an even greater threat when evil forces approach the town from the sky, taking anyone in their way. Although Jake's shackle holds the key to defeating them, he must align himself with Dolarhyde and other cruel enemies to make a stand against these enigmas and more forceful new enemies. In July 2010, Universal and DreamWorks demonstrated a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International where director Jon Favreau premiered footage. Actor Harrison Ford, famous for his iconic roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, avoids fan conventions, and made a surprising looks at the panel. Actors Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell also came on stage. On November 17, 2010, the first trailer of the fabulous film debuted on Yahoo! Movies, while the second trailer debuted on February 6, 2011. Director Jon Favreau already on aired the trailer on twitter earlier, in the evening. The first full theatrical trailer was released on April 14, 2011.

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