When is my reservation confirmed from Singapore Airline?

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My father told me that Singapore Airline provides less time limit for reservation and I want to know about my reservation status. I also want to know that how can I get the membership of KrisFlyer or PPS club. Does anyone know that when is my reservation confirmed from Singapore Airline? I hope you can help me about it. Thanks

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  1. Guest4048

    Singapore airlines provide you the facilities of online reservation confirmation of your seat booking. Now you can visit the websites of Singapore airlines and confirmed your reservation online. You get a message alert on your cell phone from the Singapore airlines websites within few seconds after the reservation of seat online and confirmations.

    If you are a member of KrisFlyer or PPS Club then you will be competent to receive alerts through services of SMS (short message service) or text message on your cell phone, about timetable changes and flight delays for any Singapore Airlines’ flights you are booked on. In accumulation, they will send you an SMS when your reserve seat is confirmed. Members of KrisFlyer of Singapore airline can sign up for these alerts through the “My Flight Alerts” section after logging into the Member’s area.

    If you are not the member of Singapore airlines KrisFlyer, enter your booking details below given on the website. If you are a KrisFlyer Singapore airlines member, you can log in with your KrisFlyer Membership Number and PIN, which is provided on the website.  Through these facilities you can check your reservation is confirmed from Singapore airline.


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