When should a woman go through a Colonoscopy?

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My younger sister is 24 years old; she wants to know when should a woman go through a Colonoscopy?

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  1. Guest1326
    First Test at Age 50
    Women should get a first colonoscopy at age 50, as asserted by guidelines released by the American Cancer Society. The computer display, which is utilised to notice colorectal cancerous infection and polyps, should be recurring every 10 years with a virtual colonoscopy every five years. Doctors state that up to 60 per hundred of the 50,000 killings from colon cancerous infection each year could be stopped with ample screening, for example a colonoscopy.
    Patient History
    Women with an annals of certain infections or illnesses should address getting a colonoscopy before age 50. Conditions that may need previous and more common screening encompass a family annals of colon cancerous infection, inflammatory bowel infection or Lynch syndrome.
    Bottom Line
    Most wholesome women can delay until age 50 for a colonoscopy. According to Harvard Health Publications, more than 90 per hundred of colon cancerous infection situations are in persons age 50 or older and the possibilities of getting the infection boost with age.

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