When was the last time Pakistan and India met each other in a world cup match?

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As Pakistan and India were out of the World Cup 2007 in the 1st round and are not in the same pool in World Cup 2011, so when was the last time they played each other in the mega event?

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  1. Guest2829

    The last time Pakistan and India met each other was back in the 2003 World Cup that was played in South Africa. Pakistan after setting a formidable total of 273 runs, got their bowlers Wasim, Waquar and Shoaib smashed all around the park by the likes of Sacihn Tendulkar and Verinder Sehwag the Indian openers. The Indian innings was punctuated with a 98 run haul from Tendulkar followed by a cautiously but sensible knocks by Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh. India ended up as runners up losing to Australia in the final chasing a mammoth total of 360 runs.  


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