Where Can I get best specs of Peugeot XR6 Sport bike 2006?

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Hi, I am searching for some authentic information about the real time specifications for 2006 model of Peugeot XR6 sport, because I am gonna purchase it in next couple of days to enjoy pleasures of riding on a high performance sports bike. So, I need some fruitful information about each and every part of Peugeot XR6 Sport, so that I can be well-verse with its specs before I give it a final purchase. Can you please tell me credible information about its specifications? Your help can get me a high performance sport bike that can satisfy my riding desires, as after getting specs of 2006 Peugeot XR6 Sport, I’ll be able to select one wisely. Thanks to all of youin advance!

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     Well, there are some technical features with its specifications as well, as it carries a outer limits beam frame with irregular double lens halogen headlight having big disc brakes.

    Category: Sports

    Make and Model: Peugeot XR6 Sport, 2006

    Displacement: 49.70ccm

    Power: 1.77 Horse Power at the rate of 6500 Rings Per Minute

    Engine type: One cylinder with two-stroke

    Stroke and Bore: 39.0 and 40.3 millimeters respectively

    Gearbox: 5 speed

    Cooling system: Air

    Tire dimensions: 90 by 90-16 for front and 120 by 90-16 for rear wheel

    Final drive: Chain

    Dry weight: 85 kilograms

    Brakes: Single disc for front wheel with a diameter of 220 millimeters and single disc for rear wheel with a diameter of 180 millimeters

    Overall length: 1,865 millimeters

    Power or weight rate: 0.0208 Horse Power per kilogram

    Wheelbase: 1,265 millimeters

    Trail: 5.9 inches

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