Where can I buy mini laptop computers?

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I am living in Wollongong and I want to know that where I can buy mini laptop computers here. Please tell me some about the mini laptop computers and give me rate list of some mini laptop computers.

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    Mini laptop computers were first imprisoned in 2007 and were initially proposed as accepted laptop extensions. They are very lightweight and can virtually fit even in a little bag. Their characteristics were not as mighty as the accepted ones but they can complete some rudimentary procedures like phrase processing and accessing the Internet. Back then, these laptop computers were made so compact that the keys tended to be compressed and the computer display dimensions were too small.

    Mini laptops are amidst the hottest new goods this year and with the back-to-school sales season. The apparatus, which are evolving popularly renowned as netbooks, or laptots, have apprehended on because they offer persons a wireless, so straightforward way to wirelessly get access to the Web. They arrive with 7inch to 10inch LCD partitions and are about half to two-thirds the dimensions of a mainstream laptop. They weigh round 1 kilogram or 2.2 lbs each, convey electric batteries that last up to 8 hours and usually cost between US$199 and $699.

    Now you can easily purchase mini laptop computers through online websites. Here is the following list of some online websites, where you can easily purchase the mini laptop computers;

    Here is the following list of some mini laptop with their prices:

    Hewlett Packard Hp 110-3510nr $289.99

    Dell Passion Purple 10.1" Inspiron $287.00

    Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Laptop $599.00

    HP Compaq 6510B Intel Core 2 $270

    Dell Mini 1018 Netbook Computer $280

    HP Mini 210-2130nr, Ice Berry $270

    Toshiba mini NB305-N600 Atom $325


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