Where can I find hiking boot stores in Amazon City?

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We are planning for a mountain hiking trip this coming week and I thought it would be better to get some equipment sorted out for the hike as I am not going alone. Our group is a large one with 15 men in it and we would be spending a long time secluded in the wilderness, nearly a fortnight and half. Many of us have some old gear but we on the whole wish for some better new ones. Hence where is the best place we can purchase good hiking and climbing shoes in Amazon city? Also if there are some good brands then what are they?

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  1. Guest3818

    There are a number of hiking, climbing and outdoor rugged terrain aid shoes, among them are flat soles, spiked bottom, stiff ankle long boots, broad trekking shoes, heavy grip boots and toed climbing spiked shoes, depending on the type of terrain you are traversing. But as you will have to buy them anew I would recommend you to get some cheap flat soles or toed climbing spike bottom shoes. I do also know a few stores in Amazon city that can help you get those shoes at cheap rates. The North Face, Lowa Boots German, La Sportiva and any other international brand name stores and supermarkets or marts can stock various shoes for various purposes. Online shopping can ship shoes directly to you cheaper and with discounts on special items but it will take time despite the discounts. And good luck with that hiking trip of yours, hope you enjoy it!

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